"Pale green. Gears slowly turning, a house of steel that would grind Creation to dust. Death was looking at her through chips of jade. The Cursed shivered."
Beast, description of Amadeus' eyes

Amadeus is the current holder of the Name Black Knight.

Life Edit

Amadeus grew up on a farm on the Green Stretch. He (presumably) lived in a small town, together with the current Tyrant, before they got their name.

He later went on to become the Squire. As Squire, he beat the person who was then Heir, and later on took the Name of Black Knight when his predecessor was killed on the Field of Streges.

He later went on to be the mastermind behind conquering Callow, and at the same time being acknowledged as one of the five Calamities.

At some point while invading Callow, Amadeus became romantically associated with the Ranger, another of the Calamities. However, after the Conquest, Ranger left, probably due to a disagreement in ideologies.

After the Conquest Amadeus became the Dread Empress Malicia's right-hand man, doing everything from taking care of threats to the throne to threatening and killing politician that got on her bad side.

Currently he is the mentor of the current Squire, Catherine Foundling.

Appearance Edit

Amadeus is a short, pale-skinned man. His most notable feature is his piercing, pale green eyes. He generally wears plain plate armor and a black cloak.

Personality Edit

Amadeus is a cold and calculating person. His mind is described on multiple occasions as being like a vast clockwork mechanism. However, he is also seemingly genuinely friendly towards those who don't get in his way, especially Catherine Foundling, Scribe, Dread Empress Malicia, and the other Calamities.

Goals Edit

Amadeus final goal to shift the power balance so that Evil will have the chance to win meaningful victories over Good. He complains that no matter what Evil does, they always lose in the end and that half of the world is "a prop for the glory of the other half". To that end, he is trying to change the stories associated with the Dread Empire of Praes to be ones where the common people root for the Villains.

Powers Edit

Amadeus from a young age was a formidable foe. Although the son of a farmer after gaining the name of Squire he quickly became a force to be reckoned with. Despite his small size his power sprang from his intelligence and practicality. He did not rely on his name for power preferring his own ingenuity as well as support from his allies. With this he was able to slay the former, Commander.

By his own account his name does not give him overwhelming power as it did his predecessors. Despite this weakness he has trained with the name for many years and has mastered control over his aspects and enhanced reflexes. Allowing him to spar with the Captain despite her obvious physical superiority. During his duel with Hanno he employed tendrils of shadows to use as extra arms in a fight to use swords, crossbows, or unseen sneak attacks in the cover of darkness. He also employs his name in commanding others to follow orders against. This can be used to insert trusted assassins in enemy camps or to make another Named stab themselves with their own knife as was used on Akua.

Amadeus has departed form typical Black Knight who is a servant of the empire carrying out heinous acts in that his aspects are more centered for control of large waves of soldiers rather than his personal survival. his aspects are Lead, Conquer, and Destroy:

Lead: Allows Amadeus to impose his will on an army increasing both martial prowess as well as morale in much the same way that heroes augment armies that stand beside him. This might be why in Black Knight's first encounter with the White Knight he employs soldiers alongside his name, where as most name commit to single combat against one another. 

Conquer: Increases both physicall reflexes as well as power but is more crucial to use in large open combat than a martial duel. 

Destroy: Allows user to cancel the effects of their opponents aspects