"For every slight there is a price

      Ours will be long and paid twice."

―Part of a Callowan rebel song, ‘Red The Flowers’[1]

Formerly known as the Kingdom of Callow, before its annexation by the Empire during the war known as "the Conquest". Its capital city was Laure. It is one of the main settings for most of the series.

History Edit

Early History Edit

It has been stated that, unlike Praes, Callow was never occupied by the Miezans. The closest they came to Callowan land was the Blessed Isle, where they built an island-fortress. Before being unified as a single country, it was made up of several smaller kingdoms including the Kingdom of Daoine to the north and the Kingdom of Liesse to the south, which both became duchies later on.

Alban Dynasty Edit

The Kingdom of Callow was born during the rise of House Alban, which united the many petty kingdoms into a single whole. The first Albans were seneschals of Laure and the city later became the center of their power and the capital of their Kingdom. The kings of Liesse were forcefully brought into the fold although their integration was not without issues. Twice they rebelled for independence under the Alban dynasty.[2][3] Notably, the Alban dynasty failed to annex or vassalize the Kingdom of Daoine under their rule.

As the reigning line, they had significant influence on Callow's development. They introduced the Alban Calendar, the Alban Cathedral serves as Callow's center of faith and they've had significant impact on the military.[4][5] The Gallowborne used by Catherine Foundling were based on the Forlorn Hope - an order of traitors, criminals and deserted - forced into the most difficult battles.[6] Similarly, a steel avenue is a military tradition in which the reigning monarch passes underneath bared steel of the knightly orders, dating back to the Alban dynasty.[7]

The most prominent figures of the house would include Elizabeth Alban, widely recognized as the greatest general in Callowan history and King Edward Alban, who annexed the Kingdom of Liesse.[5][8]

Their reign ended when Dread Empress Triumphant invaded Callow during her conquest of Calernia. She unleashed a demon of madness on the city of Laure, killing nine out of ten inhabitants and completely eradicating the Alban royal line.[9]

Fairfax Dynasty Edit


Wars with Praes Edit

It was noted by Cordelia Hasenbach that the Empire made "seventy-odd" attempts to invade the Kingdom of Callow, only two of which were successful. Flying fortresses were involved several times, and one of them fell on Laure: Catherine's narration notes that the royal palace is made up of stones scavenged from a flying fortress' ruins.

The Conquest Edit

Twenty years before the beginning of the first book, the Black Knight Amadeus undertook an invasion of Callow at the behest of Dread Empress Malicia I. The most famous battle was the Fields of Streges, which resulted in an overwhelming Imperial victory. The ruling king, his heir and the Wizard of the West were among the casualties. Other mentioned battles include the Siege of Summerholm, the Siege of Laure and the taking of the Wall by Marshal Grem One-Eye. The war ended in an Imperial victory and the occupation of Callow by Praes.

Current Status Edit

Callow is currently reigned by Catherine Foudling as a vassal state to the Dread Empire of Praes. The Government was mostly led by Gouvernor-General Anne Kendall, the former baroness of Dormer.

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Ethnicities Edit

There are two mentioned ethnicities in Callow so far. Ethnic Callowans and the Deoraithe. Callowans are said to be "fair-skinned and often blue or brown-eyed". Blond hair seems to be associated with southern Callowans, referred to as "Liessen". The Deoraithe are dark-skinned and live almost exclusively in the Duchy of Daoine. They are noted to be isolationists and seem to have often been raided by orcs in the past. While they pay tribute to the Empire it has been noted there are no Imperial Governors in Daoine, implying a certain level of political independence.

Government Edit

Callow was formerly ruled by a royal family. The ruler himself was often Named. There seemed to have been several tiers of Callowan nobility. Mentioned titles including duke, count and baron.

Namelore Edit

- King/Queen of Callow (extinct?)

- Wizard of the West (last known holder dead)

- Commander (possibly Deoraithe exclusive)

Famous Callowans Edit

  • King Jehan the Wise (accomplishments unknown).

References Edit

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