The Exiled Prince is a name aligned with good it is a dramatic name that most likely came about when The Tyrant of Helike discovered his name.

Power Level Edit

Th Prince has had his name for a long period of time he has a great deal of faith in his power willing to duel Catherine to death in order to prevent their soldiers from combat. He apparently is stronger than average named such as Squire but seems to be weaker than the Calamities such as Captain. Despite the power offering martial abilities it seems to also offer aesthetic power that cause others to become infatuated with him.

Role Edit

Similar to how if Calamities continued to cause damages Heroic names would rise against them. In this manner when prince Dorian was ran out of the kingdom of Helike when Kairos took power he assumed the name of the Exiled Prince. Most likely his name is to assume the opposite aspects of the tyrants as his nemesis. His name is heroic despite being part of a mercenary crew similar to Robin Hood.

Special Powers Edit

The name seems to inspire others to his banners, either with his martial prowess or with his good looks.