“Twice now, we avoided the hangman’s drop,” Lieutenant Farrier told me soberly. “The men decided we could use a reminder there won’t be a third.”- Lieutenant Farrier (Book 2 Chapter 29: Stand)

A company of formed from criminals their insignia a golden noose.

In an effort to calm Callowans the legion inducted native Callowans to the Fifteenth Legion. The recruits mostly consisted of thieves and murders who were given a choice between the hangman's noose and enrollment into the military. Each of the recruits were spread between other companies in order to prevent rebellion within her command. Despite their induction desertion became a common action of these men. Catherine first tactic was to execute any who were caught after desertion as was legion common practice. After a mass desertion by her countrymen she decided instead to form a company composed of all deserters. She revoked many of their rights as soldiers and execution by any officer who felt that these soldiers were disobeying a command was authorized. This was because she felt their life was not theirs anymore, they were now hers in payment for not executing them.

At the battle of Marchford Catherine commanded the Gallowborne personally giving them the task of holding back the hordes of demons. While it was a a high order for any company to follow she felt that if she could not trust these soldiers with this task then they were not worthy to be alive.

It was on the march towards the battle of the corrupted that the company began singing "Here they come again"

Since their creation Catherine has become increasingly fond of her company of soldiers who were forged through battle with demons. She created her own personal guard from the ranks of the Gallowborne and it is common for her to spar with 5 or 6 of them at a time. It is also commented by Ratface that a few officers have feelings for their leader.