A matriarchal society where women the beings who primarily raise children as the only one suitable to lead the Goblin tribes.



Matron bloodlines are treasured in this society only women control power and at the very pinnacle of this female controlled society are three matrons, one of them being Pickler's mother. Marriage is determined based on the best breeding options not on love. The clan is also placed before the needs of the few.


Men in the society are seen merely as labor or a means to expand the population. Praes population restrictions while containing Goblin numbers has also affected men damaging their standing in society. Many male goblins from a young age work as miners. Goblins ability to see in the dark is especially helpful, some never see the light of day. The only hope to rise in position is to join a military institution. Only the strongest are chosen, such as Robber. The selection process almost always results in candidates seeking to kill one another having only the very best be selected as well as members with weak blood being eliminated from the clan.

Goblin intimacy is foreign to humans Catherine has noticed that Pickler's ear twitch when she is particularly excited. Also touching one another means that an individual wishes to mate with another, instead of a friendly gesture. Alpha males are vicious, clever, and fearless an allusion to why all Goblin sappers are exceedingly daring.

As the average Goblin is not taller than four feet the characteristics that they view as endearing are necessary in order for a Goblin to protect and survive in the harsh world that is Praes. Goblins have long ears and sharp teeth. They are omnivores able to eat both vegetables as well as meat but Goblins have been known to eat eyeballs as snacks.


Goblin society is rumored to have named but this like many other secrets in Goblin society has not been revealed as of late. The only know instance of a Goblin named is Chider who previously was a claimant to the name Squire and later became Squire for a brief amount of time.

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