"I do not judge"
―HannoHeroic Interlude: Arraignment
Hanno is the current White Knight.

Appearance Edit

Hanno's appearance has not been described, as the only chapters he has appeared in thus far was from his own perspective.

History Edit

Little is known about Hanno's past except that he learned about his Role in a place called the Chamber of Borrowed Lives and that his mother's life was ruined by Ashur's Citizenship Tiers in some manner. (this has now changed as of a recent chapter)

He has presumably had some manner of contact with the Seraphim of the Choir of Judgement, which involved them giving him the coin he carries.

Personality Edit

Hanno is almost unnaturally calm and collected. This is a result of his belief that he is guided by the infallible will of the Seraphim.

He frequently repeats that "[he] does not judge" in reference to the fact that he leaves executes the will of the Choir without choosing for himself who deserves life or death.

He also seems to have a reasonable awareness of narrative conventions and how to exploit them, as he at one point noted that he and his companions would survive the landing of a magical tower falling out of the sky with them inside by virtue of it being obviously impossible to survive.

Relationships Edit

Little is known about Hanno's relationships with the other members of his band or anyone else. He seems to show professional courtesy to his companions, though he somewhat distrusts the Wandering Bard, whose motives he finds more inscrutable than those of his other companions.

This may stem from his main source of information about others being unable to tell him more than whether the Choir of Judgement believe that they deserve death, but this is purely speculative.

Powers Edit

Hanno has trained for a long period of time before clashing with the Calamities. He was well versed in swordplay, allowing him to duel with the Black Knight, he was more effective at using the inherent abilities of a Knight of good shown by his ability to wreath his hands in gauntlets of light, giving him the strength to smash through even magically reinforced barriers. This light also allows him to burn whatever it touches, including himself. His experience also has allowed him to adopt a fighting style that can adapt to his enemies, and given enough time he can triumph over any enemy.

Hanno's known Aspect's:

Ride: allows him to summon a steed of holy light which can ride far faster than any mortal mount and may be weightless.

Recall: Allows him to search the memories of past white knights as well as harness their abilities; also known as the flood. 

  • Knight Errant- enhanced reflexes
  • Rightous Spear- a weapon composed of light forming into anything the hero desires
  • Sage of the West- Super strength  

While his third aspects remains a mystery the Black Knight commented that his abilities seem to counter the current Squire. His light abilities pose a threat at close range an ability which poses a problem for his apprentice who is prone to brawl in close quarters with her enemies. Then his ability to take on the fighting abilities of warriors from the past would pose a trouble for his less experienced apprentice. Then his aspect of ride is an ability that can take advantage of Catherine's tendency to fight on foot or disregard her mounts. The ability allows the knight to be highly mobile and disengage from a dangerous fight at a moments notice.