The Hierarch of the Free Cities is a Name given to whoever leads the League of Free Cities. It's current holder, Anaxares of Bellerophan, had the Name forced upon him by the Tyrant as part of a currently unknown scheme.

He is also only the second person to ever hold the title, the first having been assassinated within months of taking power.

Power Level

The name while having no martial or magic bolstering effects is more subtle allowing individuals to sway large groups of power in much the same way as the Empress or the Heiress names manipulate individuals. This name is most effective in swaying nations to wage into war or to compromise for peace. The ability manifest in his mind as a sentences to convince individuals for one action or another.


The role of the Hierarch is to offer stability. it seems creation in answer to the war of Hellike an exposing a diplomat to this war it created a name that works in the opposite direction. The Hierarch is meant to mend and unify countries Anaxeres previous position as a diplomat for a democratic country perfectly identifies him as an individual who is meant to unite the free cities who although appreciate their autonomy in the time of war their united strength is what is needed thus a diplomatic name manifest among them.


The main powers of this name are to manipulate other with words as well as slight precognitive abilities such as the Augur while also having similarities to the Bard's ability to home in on individuals that are critical to creation.