Background Edit

Hye is a half-elf, half-human based on her unique physiology she has lived a long life and also had to deal with threats from both races resulting in a hardened killer.

Personality Edit

While appearing jovial in even the most dire situation this might just be a veil. Hye has lived a long life she tries not to become to attached with those too weak to stay alive. Despite this rough exterior certain individuals are held dear such as the memories of both her father and mother, as well as Black.

Relationships Edit

Amadeus: While not sharing in his vision to change creation, Hye became interested in Amadeus if for no other reason to subside her boredom eventually though the two fell in love. They formed a group known infamously as the Calamities. Eventually though when Black was forced to choose between his vision and the love of his life he chose the former.

Archer: Her most skilled apprentice who she personally task to go on missions outside of Refuge the two share many commonalities in terms of combat her apprentice also adapts a dual wielding combat style.

Squire: Ranger has very little respect for the Catherine beside her title as Amadeus' apprentice. Therefore she spares the Named more patience than she does for the average fool, displaying her killing intent to the Named instead of chopping her down as she would otherwise.

Alaya: There is no love loss between the two women, Hye did not like Alaya in the past nor does she in the present. She does not support the empire but has advised her agents not to entangle themselves with Praes. If Black were to rebel however the Ranger would without question support his endeavor, as suggested by Scribe.

Trismegistus:While not considered a companion by any stretch of the word, the two have a a common respect for one another. Hye often infiltrates his kingdom for fun and is greeted to a banquet of her favorite foods in his palace. She is the only guest that is able to come and go as she pleases.

Appearance Edit

A beautiful slender woman, with elf ears. Edit

Powers Edit

She is incredibly skilled going toe to toe with a feral captain as well as single handedly infiltrating the dead king's domain and reaching his palace. She did this without food or sleep while fighting multitudes of undead and upper undead. Her skills are infamous throughout kingdoms as well as across creation her name causes the highly evolved fae to tremble.

Her skills are likely due to her mother's training, she also credits her knowledge from her father a human male. Due to her success as well as reputation the Ranger controls a small patch of land known as Refuge. In this land her word is law. She trains a number of apprentices that are each skilled her worst was able to go toe to toe with a demons while her best apprentice attribute to the death of a princess of summer. Ranger herself has personally challenged the queen of Summer considering her a worthy challenge.

Her Name as ranger is a martial name that works to increase her already impressive skills, it is unknown if her abilities can affect magic based skills as well as martial based skills as thus far most of her techniques have been wielded against martial based names such as Captain or the Sage of the West. Her aspects are: Learn, Perfect, and Transcend.

Learn: An alternative of the common aspect that Squire's learn where in they can only apply learn to books or language comprehension. For the Ranger she is able to learn techniques that her enemies use however just learning a move does not mean her body is accustomed to using it.

Perfect: Allows her to perfectly execute any martial move that her enemy has used.

Transcend: Allows her to overcome the previous users use of a technique allowing her to improve upon a technique.

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