In Dread Crowned Edit

History Edit

Written as the marching song of the Fifteenth Legion as they march to fight the Summer Fae and Diabolist. The song is taken up by members the Twelfth and Fourth Legions as well as the Deoraithe army.

Lyrics Edit

I was born out in the green where their banners flew high

And the boots of the great lords they did tread over us

Oaths we made and service gave, kneeling to the oldest lie

But now the world’s turned around and we sing this chorus

Come forth you old devils,

Bring out your lesser evils

Blight the skies and the land

You’ll be met sword in hand

One day your children’ll tell

Of the deep and rebel yell,

That on his field so sombre

Conquered host of horror.

On the plain where folk were fair we stood and greatly slew,

And by the ford a score devils with a great demon too

Prince and page and swordsman proud to our steel they all fell

The world stolen we take back and damn you all to Hell

Be they high or resplendent our oaths stand taller still

And in the west do quiet lie graves we have yet to fill

Learn ye mighty that from Tower’s shade to vales of red

The Fifteenth by call of horn stands ever crowned in dread.

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