John "Tinkles" worked alongside William to free Callow.

Background Edit

He had a mother and father who worked in the Vale Merchant Quarter as drapiers.

Personality Edit

Hunter is extremely proud of both his skill, his cause, and his outfits. He is not ashamed by his attire and this same pride allows him to be courageous no matter the situation. This is most likely why he was William's right hand as he was not only willing to betray a Calamities direct orders but to face Squire and her legion in their own territory in an almost suicide mission along with Simeon.

Relationships Edit

It was aid by the thief that he was William's right hand man, this is probably due to the Lone Swordsman own vendetta against the empire and his promise to free Callow.

Despite betraying her Tinkles holds the Lady of the Lake in high regard. Reciting her rules when commanded and understanding that he deserves the punishment for his betrayal.

Appearance Edit

Tinkles has a large assortment of bells that hang from his hair. He also wears a vest as well as asless chaps worn with underwear that leaves little to the imagination.

Powers Edit

Tinkles is efficient in the use of spears, he carries a half dozen and when he had two hands he would wield them simultaneously. He is a proficient fighter despite being the 'weakest' member in Rangers personal troops he is still strong enough to take on squire one-handed.

He is able to wrap his spears in blinding light allowing him to contend against a demon. He is also able to burn away corruption from demons by using this same light.