The Legions of Terror are the standing army of the Dread Empire of Praes, under the nominal command of Dread Empress Malicia but practically speaking commanded by the Black Knight. There are currently fifteen of them in commission, thirteen of which have been granted a cognomen.

Purpose Edit

The Legions of Terror are expected to be the defensive and offensive force in all Praesi wars as well as serve as garrisons in strategic locations during peace time. In recent years this has meant garrisoning major Callowan cities, as a force independent of the local Imperial Governors or the ruling Callowan noble. The average legion constitutes of four thousand legionaries, though this has been known to vary.

Hierarchy Edit

The ranks in the modern Legions of Terror are as follow:


Marshals of the Empire carries the authority to command several legions as well as their own personal one, and are usually assigned to historically troublesome borders.


Generals of the Empire command a full legion, which is to say four thousand soldiers.

General Staff

Officers of the general staff are often referred to as senior officers, though they are not the only members of a legion to carry that distinction. They serve as the direct subordinates of the commanding general or marshal and carry high authority within their own scope of command.

Staff Tribune

Staff tribunes are responsible for all personnel assignments within a legion as well as coordination with Legion recruitment camps to ensure the legion's numbers remain as mandated. Grievous breaches of Legion regulations with broad implications will be brought to the staff tribune. Traditionally, they are considered highest ranked among the general staff.

Senior Sapper

Senior sappers are responsible for a legion's entire sapper corps, a wide spectrum of authority that contains combat sappers as well as engineers. While those sapper detachments will be under the direct command of other officers, the senior sapper has the responsibility to ensure the state of goblin munitions and the readiness of siege engines.

Senior Mage

Senior mages oversee all magical activities inside a legion, handling the magical defences of fortified camps and operational scrying. Mages inside a legion are divided into tenths and assigned to the ranks under field officer command, but for some major operations they may be pulled out and grouped as a task force for ritual or mass magic purposes. Senior mages are the only member of the general staff that is expected to fight on the battlefield if needed.

Kachera Tribune

Kachera tribunes organize scouting operations for a legion and generally handle the processing of gathered intelligence. This informally extends to the cultivation of local informants and the interrogation of prisoners, through torture if need be. They are often in contact with Imperial spy networks to freely share and receive information, though this is not universal.

Supply Tribune (Quartermaster)

Supply tribunes, colloquially known as Quartermasters or Scroungers, are responsible for the entire supplying of a legion. This involves both rations, equipment and goblin munitions - the last of which they coordinate with the senior sapper for. The post involves much interaction with the Imperial bureaucracy and all its foibles.


Legates are the highest-ranked field commanders in a Legion of Terror, commanding a jesha of two thousand legionaries each. There are typically two legates per legion, but this has been known to change when battlefield casualties forced conflation of legions.


There are four commanders per legion, each of them commanding a kabili of a thousand legionaries. Commanders answer directly to a legate but are often sent in the thick of the action to make judgement calls out of the sight of their superior officer.


There are five tribunes per kabili, each of them commanding a cohort of two hundred legionaries. Of those five tribunes, the one in charge the cohort under the direct authority of the commander will be known as the senior tribune, and will be considered acting commander until relieved should the previous commander die in battle.


There are two captains under every tribune in a kabili, each commanding a company of a hundred legionaries.


There are five lieutenants under every captain in a kabili, each commanding a line of twenty legionaries. That line is expected to be able to split in two if operation necessity demands it. This is considered the lowest of official ranks, with sergeant appointments being too fluid to qualify as true officers.


Sergeants serve under every lieutenant in a kabili, each of them functioning as the effective second-in-command for the line. Should the line ever be split, the sergeant will serve as the commanding officer of one of the resulting tenths of ten legionaries.

History Edit

The organization was merely known as the Legions until the reign of Dread Empress Triumphant. Until the Reforms implemented during the early reign of Dread Empress Malicia, orcs and goblins were not allowed to serve as full legionaries. They were expected to provide their own arms and armour and were officially designated as auxiliaries.

Legions Edit

Legio I, Invicta: Marshal Grem One-Eye (orc, male)

Legion II, Redshell: General Jainaya Seket (human, female)

Legion III, Kingmakers: General Mok (ogre, male)

Legio IV, Blackhands: Marshal Ranker (goblin, female)

Legio V, Exterminatus: General Orim "Orim the Grim" (orc, male), garrisoned at Laure[1]

Legion VI, Ironsides: General Istrid (orc, female)

Legio VII, Hammerfall: Marshal Nim, (ogre, female)

Legio VIII, Trailblazers: General Wheeler (goblin, male)

Legio IX, Regicides: General Sacker (goblin, female)

Legio X, Horribilis: General Catastrophe (dragon, other)

Legio XI, Tenebrous: General Lucretia (vampire, female)

Legio XII, Holdfast: General Afolabi Magoro (human, male)

Legio XIII, Auxilia: General Jeremiah Holt (human, male)

Legio XIV, No Cognomen (?)

Legio XV, No Cognomen: General Juniper (orc, female)