Masego is a close friend of Catherine Foundling, and followed the Fifteenth Legion through many of their battles. He is a member of the Woe

Background Edit

Masego was adopted and raised by Wekesa and Tikoloshe. He presumably became the Apprentice in order to follow Wekesa's footsteps and eventually ascend to the Name of Warlock.

His first meeting with Catherine was when she came to visit Wekesa to ask why he had not been active in ridding Summerholm of the heroes under William. A flying, winged pig escaped from their laboratory and attacked Catherine and Hakram before being subdued and returned to its cage by Masego.

He ceased to be Apprentice and gained the name Hierophant during the Battle of Four Armies and One in Arcadia against Sulia, the Princess of High Noon.

Personality Edit

Masego is very focused on his craft and on intellectual pursuits in general. According to Catherine, he is useless for anything that doesn't involve "magic or poor social skills".

While he does seem to enjoy interacting with his friends, he has shown absolutely no interest in romance or sex. In an effort to bring him over to her side, Akua had agents attempt to seduce him in extremely blatant fashion, without him even appearing to notice.

He is also extremely insistent about things being said precisely. Catherine suspects this to be Name-driven behavior.

He is also unconcerned with the idea of Catherine having a way to kill him if he ever became a threat. He willingly accepted a hair ornament filled with goblinfire that could be remotely triggered by Catherine following his possible corruption at the Battle of Marchford. When she decided to trust him and asked for it back, he replied that there was no way to be certain that he wasn't corrupted, and lectured her about the impossibility of tricking someone as smart as he was when he realized that she thought he didn't know that the object was a remote-kill device.

Relationships Edit

Masego is good friends with Catherine. He seems to enjoy traveling with her and explaining magical principles, however little she understands of them. He also enjoys the opportunities working with her creates to study magical phenomena and make practical use of his magical talents.

He also plays shatranj with Hakram and discusses magic with Kilian, though he does not apparently socialize much with anyone else except family and the other Calamities.

He refers to the Black Knight as "uncle Amadeus", and expresses the same mild irritation as many other people who know him well at how dramatic and mysterious he tries to act.

Appearance Edit

Masego looks fairly plain, with fleshy lips that give the appearance of being chewed and a considerable paunch. He wears his hair long, with a variety of trinkets including ones that reflect the light in "unnatural ways". He has the dark skin tone common of Soninke, and favors a lab coat with many pockets full of exotic and magical tools.

Powers Edit

Masego is generally an extremely skilled mage. He has been shown to use a variety of powerful spells such as gigantic freezing blasts and a column of fire likely hot enough to kill a demon if it could have been held in place long enough, and has been able to easily identify and usually counter or explain the weaknesses of magic used by other practitioners.

Given that his Name is a transitional one, his power is still far weaker than the Warlock he is likely to eventually become. This is shown in the fact that he only uses magic to kill medium-sized groups or trigger larger effects like goblinfire explosives, where his father could wave his arms and burn every living thing in a stronghold without damaging the building itself.

Masego's aspects as Apprentice revolved around augmenting his magical abilities contrary to most names he considered these benefits a weakness. He believes that relying on aspects hinders him from developing casting abilities. His aspects were Glimpse and Deconstruct:

Glimpse: Allows apprentice to increase the range of his magical abilities, although it does not afford the quality of his magical glasses it does extend his abilities as well as empower them allowing him to ensnare high named elf.

Deconstruct: Allows him to control magic used against him.

Masego has transitioned to Heriophant thus far no new aspects have been revealed but his power seem to allow him to access the miracles that only priest are able to defying the rules that mages uses only magic power while priest use miracles. Thus he is able to use both sources for magic power unlike most mages.