The Page is a support name.

Power Level Edit

The Page is a relatively weak name in terms of combat. While the name is able to have aspects of a mage in terms of consecrating grounds and therefore bypassing barriers it is not able to surmount even transitional names in terms of combat, such as the Squire.

Role Edit

The page is supposed to complement and support the Exiled Prince in all endeavors. She is the brains behinds the glory of the prince, probably having minor clerical work. Even the physical aspects of androgynous looks do not stand out making the Prince stand out even more. Perhaps a prerequisite for this position is adoration of the Prince as willingness to sacrifice for his cause.

Special Abilities Edit

The Page has increased combat prowess especially with weapons that are dependent on speed. The Page was abe to use light to empower her weapons as well as to destroy obstacles that lie in her path.