A heroic martial name that opposed the Calamities. Power Level

While not magically inclined the Champions ability to warp the user as well as their opponent away from the battlefield to a separate domain is the most defining factor of the Name. It can serve as a tactical ability that can isolate a target from allies especially the Black Knight who is reliant on corpses to bolster his lack of prowess in martial battles. This can also benefit the Champion who is more equipped to deal with one opponent rather than multiple combatants.


While most martial names require a skilled combatant the unconquered champion hails from a civilization that praises warriors the unconquered aspect of the name would mean that victory is tied to the names power. The user thus must always win or never consider themselves defeated.

Special Abilities

While the champions had considerable power his main power that surprised even the Calamities was the ability to transport both the named as well as his opponent to a personal dimension it is unknown what occurred between the Black Knight and the Champion but both disappeared for a long enough period for the other Calamities to consider Amadeus dead.