A great deal of undead reside in the undead city of Keter a country occupied by the Undead King. Each undead in this area are under his direct control they are not so much an army as the will of the undead king.

Undead are hated by much of the kingdoms, many are weary as evidnet by the many corpses of fallen heroes thier have been efforts to end the kingdom but to no avail. The undead with each passing crusade merely grown in numbers. 

The undead can exist in mass due to the Undead King tapping into a portal of hell in much the same way as opening a portal to Angels can lead to mindless followers the undead king has used the portal to exert his influence on a massive area of land.

Undead come in four different types:

  1. Bones: The pawns of the Undead King while not particularly strong only bones held together by slivers of flesh, unitnelligent able to follow simple commands such as (scream for alarm or shoot intruders), they also have the potential of being possesed by the undead king himself. 
  2. Binds: A step up in terms of intelligence the bound have living souls bound to thier bodies. This allows them more independece alloing them to reason and troubleshoot problems themselves. 
  3. Revenants: These are undead who have conciounseness of thier past lives as well as a Name. While unable to tap fully into thier reserves revenants are able to still gather a modicum of power. Notables(Sage of the West , former White Knight ) 
  4. Undead King: This position is reserved for the dead king. It seems these unique undead not only have a soul bound to them but tthey can control other dead as well as exert their dominion over a large area. This position is reserved for named.