The Woe are a group of five Named, allied (nominally) with Praes. They are lead by Catherine Foundling and serve as her "villanous team", held together by her charisma, sense of purpose, and occasional threats. Their title was bestowed upon them by the Ranger when the Queen of Summer declared the group was “Born under cursed stars...You most of all, Catherine Foundling. The five of you would be woe unto all you behold”. This mirrored how the Calamities got their name, as they had also been threatened in a similar manner by the Chancellor. The members of The Woe are:

  1. Lady Catherine Foundling, Vicequeen of Callow, Duchess of Moonless Nights, the Squire
  2. Hakram Deadhand of the Howling Wolves, the Adjutant
  3. Lord Masego, the Hierophant
  4. Indrane, The Archer
  5. Vivienne Dartwick, The Thief

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